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CNC sheet metal cutting

We offer services of CNC plasma and gas cutting with SZAFIR-ECKERT portal cutter. This cutter has a plasma power up to 360A and two oxygen-propane burners.

We can cut any element from black hot rolled metal plates up to 200 mm in thickness with gas and up to 70 mm thickness with plasma.

We also cut elements from the following types of sheet metal:

  • zinc-coated
  • stainless
  • aluminium
  • brass

Carbon steel, max. thickness: 200 mm
Max. sheet format: 3000 x 6000

Carbon steel, max. thickness: 70 mm
Max. sheet format: 3000 x 6000

We offer:
  • cutting from our own material or the client's material;
  • CNC (computer controlled) gas and plasma cutting;
  • high-precision sheet cutting, with a high accuracy of:
    max. +/-1.0 mm - in the case of gas cutting;
    max. +/-0.5 mm - in the case of plasma cutting (Hi-Definition technology);
  • high quality of both the edges and outline of the cut detail;
Use of CNC technology in our machines permits cutting any shape even in very thick plates.


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