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83-334 Miechucino k./Kartuz
ul. Szlak Kaszubski 8
tel. (58) 684-59-52
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About us

PPH STALPROFIL was established in 1995 by its owner, Henryk Mejna. The company was initially located in Sierakowice, Poland. In the year 2000 the company moved to Miechucin near Kartuzy, Poland, where its seat is presently located.

Since its beginning the company specialized in the production and assembly of steelwork elements and the sale of roofing materials, metal sheets and metal sheet processing services. Additionally, the machinery and devices located in the production hall is available to customers.

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Our specialists provide free consultations in matters of design and provide cost estimates for works contracted to us. If you have any questions, please call our customer service hotline:

(58) 684-59-52

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